Business Card - Multiplication COLOR PICTURE Flash Cards

  • Snap apart for easy separation
  • No cutting required,just print out - fold a few times and the cards are ready to go
  • Use Avery Business Cards 5371 (5820,5870,5871,5874,5877,5881,2500,8371) or similar
  • These are great for personal flash card sets for each student
Story with picture example,a tree with the number 3 in its leaves Review game example,a game titled jigsaw puzzler 有趣的游戏,a game called granny prix

Number Pictures

0x5 through 2x7

2x8 through 4x4

4x5 through 5x9

6x6 through 9x9

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250 Cards

200 Clean Edge

400 Clean Edge

1000 Cards

1000 Cards