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Tis the time of year to celebrate all things Irish!  Join in the fun by providing your students with this awesome dice roll activity that combines times table multiplication practice with STEM exploration.  We love this type of challenge because students are given different supplies and are faced with a problem to solve.

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Times Table Sorry! //www.tvblogru.com/our-blog/jen-wieber/times-table-sorry

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Math Class in December: A collection of math-inspired activities to celebrate the season //www.tvblogru.com/our-blog/jen-wieber/math-class-december-collection-math-inspired-activities-celebrate-season

Did you know Multiplication.com has a whole cache of vwin线上官网learning resources JUST for this wonderful,festive time of year?  That's right...this December,find tons of free resources to make vwin线上官网learning the times tables fun.  Choose from free worksheets,vwin000.comgames,STEM crafts,and array art.

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Multiplication Bowling for Times Table Practice //www.tvblogru.com/our-blog/jen-wieber/multiplication-bowling-times-table-practice

Do you need to shake things up a bit in your math class?  Why not try Times Table Bowling?

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Mind Reading Number Trick //www.tvblogru.com/our-blog/jen-wieber/mind-reading-number-trick

Have you ever thought of you about how valuable number tricks are in the classroom?  Imagine this:  Kid hears number trick.  Kid loves number trick.  Kid finds other kids to try the number trick on.  Other kids love number trick.  Kids all over the place are finding more number tricks and solving mental mathematical computations because the number tricks are so fun.  Am I right?

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Math Class in November: Times Tables,Art,Graphing,Budgeting //www.tvblogru.com/our-blog/jen-wieber/math-class-november-times-tables-art-graphing-budgeting

Looking for ways to spice up the November math class?  Multiplication.com has a few ideas that are sure to make vwin线上官网learning meaningful and memorable!

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The Best Times Table Drill Worksheets Ever //www.tvblogru.com/our-blog/jen-wieber/best-times-table-drill-worksheets-ever

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New Playing Cards for Times Table Practice //www.tvblogru.com/our-blog/jen-wieber/new-playing-cards-times-table-practice

We are so thrilled to introduce you to our brand new playing cards!

They are free to use and share as you like,introducing your students to Multiplication.com's clever system for vwin线上官网learning the times tables.

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Mr.Monster Times Table Card Game (Old Maid) //www.tvblogru.com/our-blog/jen-wieber/mr-monster-times-table-card-game-old-maid

We are thrilled to share the good news that Multiplication.com has a brand new set of playing cards.

These cards are an ideal way to learn the times tables in a fun and creative way.

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Multiplication Memory Card Game //www.tvblogru.com/our-blog/jen-wieber/multiplication-memory-card-game

Playing Cards are the latest free resource to join Multiplication.com's growing stockpile of fabulous,free resources available for anyone wanting to help kids learn math vwin线上官网facts!

So,not only can times tables and other math vwin线上官网facts be practiced using tvwin000.comhe free games,flashcards,and worksheets found on this website,

but kids can also play vwin000.comgames likeGO FISH,MEMORYandMR.MONSTERto help those vwin线上官网facts sink in with this brand new set of playing cards!

Half the deck features our story pictures,and the answers to the story pictures are shown on the other half.

Pairing the stories with the answers gives students ample practice vwin线上官网learning the times tables using Multiplication.com's quick mnemonic technique that really,truly works!

So what are we waiting for?Let's start withMemory!

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